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Erdogan Trilogy

best novel
from 2015


E rdoğan

love in istanbul

Murat and Ayla were at war. As her guardian, Murat was in charge of her life, he tried to control her in everything she did and she hated it. Ayla wanted to be free to make her own choices, to live the way she wanted, but Murat had an obligation to his family and he wasn't going to let his cousin's rebelliousness ruin his image in front of everyone.

This war seems far from over until Murat finds himself completely in love with Ayla. He could no longer hide the desire that consumed him, but in his family blood relationships were forbidden.

Murat had promised his grandfather to take care of his cousin and not let any man touch her. But how would he fulfill that promise if he himself posed an imminent risk? Every day Ayla was more irresistible and her refusal spurred him on even more.

Soon he would have to decide between living a great love or honoring his family!

Livro de romance Shay Nuran
Livro de romance Shay Nuran
Livro de romance Shay Nuran
Livro de romance Shay Nuran

love in cappadocia


A woman destined to command her future. A man determined not to be held hostage by his past.

The illustrious captain, Teoman Karadeniz agreed to return to the armed forces for a single purpose; to find the woman who had given him hope for a new life. Derya was his promise of redemption. His sweet love had healed her soul and made her heart awaken to a long-dormant feeling. He needed her to forgive him… More than that, he needed Derya to believe in his love again.

Born into a family of great generals, Derya Erdoğan could hardly believe the sight of the man who had threatened her family and devastated her heart, arrive at the Cappadocia barracks. The captain came to her, swearing love and claiming innocence, but she wouldn't be foolish to believe Teo, she wasn't willing to become bait for that terrorist's sordid plans once again. He knew how convincing the spy could be.

Teo had been his only love and, with each new dawn, he saw his commander's eyes reflect the sky from the land of balloons swearing him love for a lifetime. Her heart might be wrong, but she was beginning to question whether the Cappadocia captain was her true enemy.

Livro de romance Shay Nuran
Livro de romance Shay Nuran

love in ephesus

A man determined to find his purpose. A woman destined to change traditions.

Maria always harbored a secret passion for her tutor, Aslan was the perfect man: gentle, polite and careful, he filled her with caresses that snatched her heart. One day he dreamed of being able to live a romance like his parents, full of complicity and love. She didn't know when or how, but one day Aslan would love her too.

As tutor to his cousins, Aslan fulfilled his obligations with mastery, but he had a life ahead of him and wanted to enjoy all the excesses of his youth. His career was going very well and he could hardly reconcile the life of a tutor with his desire for freedom. He needed to make a choice, and he hoped he wouldn't let the family down. It was decided, his life was far from Turkey.




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Autora Shay Nuran
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