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Serie A Fortress

King's Wing

Magnus Dimitriades saw his brother and partner of nights getting farther and farther away, all because of the disguised Artemis Tarasios , who he thought was a scammer. When her brother decided to face the family to live with her, his contempt grew even more, and now he would do anything to unmask her. But when tragedy strikes her family, Artemis is placed in her care, making Magnus understand why his brother chose her as the only one.


Artemis couldn't imagine the turnaround her life would take, she didn't want Dimitriades' money, but she couldn't let the greedy Dominic get his hands on the fortune Ares so defended. He had agreed to live in the mansion for legal reasons, but the old fortress gave him the creeps and living with the despicable Magnus was a challenge. He'd antagonized her in the past, but now he was treating her gently. Had he changed his mind about her, or did he just want her to accept his marriage proposal to regain the family fortune? That was the main doubt that plagued Artemis' life, however, only time would show the truth.


Under the skies of sunny Athens, she will have to be very flexible to prove her worth and deal with the greed and injustice of the Dimitriades men.

Livro de romance Shay Nuran

Ark of Noah

Livro de romance Shay Nuran

Balladed by irreparable loss, the Dimitriades must grapple with a new perspective. However, the enemies are not willing to give them a truce to get back on their feet and, once again, they are in their tormentor's line of fire. The Stronghold is under attack!

----------------------------- Bishop Trap ----------------- ------------

In Magno 's mind there is only one very clear idea: not everyone is interested in the continuity of their family. Although he has no ambition to remain in politics, he is increasingly praised. Becoming the focus of the Greek political scene, he sees his career go from strength to strength, very different from his marriage, which is on the verge of collapse.

Artemis and he hit rock bottom, and even though he loves her madly, he believes there is no more hope for them, until a twist of fate puts the pieces back on the board and Magnus has the opportunity to play by his own rules. However, the secrets and mysteries that surround her family are quickly emerging and could put everything to lose. Even under constant traps and threats, Magno is determined to emerge victorious. The game can't stop!

in check

Living on renunciation was never an option for the Dimitriades, but when evil dominates, it is necessary to be reborn; die to live. Dark sins knock at the door making them understand that only sacrifice will bring them redemption.

--------------------- The King Under Attack ----------------------

Every time he looks in the mirror, Dominic sees his face transfigured into the cynical and sordid figure of his father: Nereus Dimitriades. Determined to play with their guilt, their enemies turn their sins into weapons and weaken the Stronghold, everything they love most is about to crumble. In desperation, he watches his crimes exonerate the guilty and convict the innocent. Far from giving checkmate, he knows that the only solution is to leave the game.

Livro de romance Shay Nuran

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Autora Shay Nuran
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